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  • Natural & Alkaline Powder

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    Dr. Reena Miracle
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    ** Natural & organic products for skin refining solution formulated by Dr Reena. It is Paraben free and suitable for all **

    Dr Reena's Miracle product brought to us by nature. It has lots of natural good things like the Vitamin A and C and it has antioxidants that help in reviving tired skin and giving it a glowing complexion.

    That’s what makes it a beauty secret of women all over the world!

    Miracle Natural Alkaline Powder is a natural and alkaline substance which has antibacterial, anti-fungal, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory and balance the skin PH level

    Benefit of the Natural Alkaline Powder:
    Control excessive perspiration
    Prevents body odor without clogging pores
    Treats for pimples, pigmentations, rashes, eczema and insect bite
    As a scrub and mask for face and body
    As a shampoo cleanses thoroughly

    How to use?
    Mask – Mix the powder and rosewater then apply on the pigmentations or pimples, after 10 to 20 minutes rinse it off
    Scrub – Mix the powder with cleanser or water, and scrub gently
    Body Spray – Apply under the armpit

    Natural and Alkaline Powder

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