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  • Pressed Powder Refill (Island Shell)

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    Human Nature
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    100% Natural | 0.32 oz. (9g)

    Your favorite mineral powder comes in a refill so you can keep fresh-faced as well as eco-friendly.

    Stay flawless and shine-free all day while bringing out the best of your true skin tone. Human Nature’s 100% Natural Mineral Powder has multi-functional rice powders to absorb oil and has a matte lightweight finish to cover minor blemishes so your skin looks its best. Keep it in your purse for touch ups, for a mattified flawless look all day long.

    It also comes with a new puff, so you can have a brand new pan and applicator without having to spend a lot!

    How to load the refill:
    1. Remove the used pan by pushing a small pin into the tiny hole at the back of the compact. The pan should pop right out.
    2. Take the refill out of the box and remove the adhesive behind the pan.
    3. Insert the refill into the compact and secure it in tightly.
    4. Throw away your old puff and use the new one that comes with your refill.
    5. Stay fresh-faced all day with your favorite Human Nature Mineral Powder. Have a beautiful, shine-free day!

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